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Diamonds on the Green, DC Sports DFW Partnership Empowers the Youth with the New DC on the Green Youth/ Mentoring Program

June 2019, McKinney, Texas – Diamonds on the Green, a minority women’s golf club that reaches out to minority females encouraging them to take part in learning the game of golf, is happy to enter an official partnership with DC Sports DFW, an all-volunteer registered non-profit organization to implement DC on the Green Youth/Mentoring Program.

Sharron Christian, Founder of Diamonds on the Green stated, “I had the desire to learn how to play golf and I figured there were other women like me who had the same interest. Initially, Diamonds on the Green started out as a "social" club. Through networking, researching and learning the game I found that there are unclaimed monies for scholarships that will benefit our youth. Therefore, I partnered with DCSportsDFW and created DC on the Green to introduce the game of golf to the younger generation and put them in a position to obtain scholarships. I am on a mission to make this dream a reality.”

Jon Thomas, Founder of DCSportsDFW is the combination of DC Kings (boys) and DC Queens (Girls). The “Kings” date back to the 90’s while the Queens have been in existence since the early 2000’s. The mission of DCSportsDFW has always been to help underprivileged kids while leaving no child behind. Today, DCSportsDFW serves kids from all walks of life, races, religions, genders and nationalities. We pride ourselves in fulfilling our mission with such a diverse group of teams and coaches. Special coaches, parents, kids and communities are at the core of our success.

Effective July 1st, 2019 DC Sports will branch off into Golf and partner with Diamonds on the Green, DC on the Green Youth Golf/Mentoring Program will launch on July 1, 2019. Although golf is nationally recognized as a varsity sport, most minorities still aren’t privy to scholarships that are available due to the lack of exposure to the sport. Sharron Christian joins the staff with extensive knowledge in fund raising as well as relationships with PGA members. Her organization (Diamonds on the Green) has been at the forefront of the social scene bringing awareness to the void of minorities in Golf, specifically when it comes to scholarships to major colleges.

Her goal, with DC Sports DFW, is to utilize the system of mentoring children through sports, confidence building and teamwork with the introduction of Golf. With her organization (Diamonds on the Green) and DC on the Green, she plans to award scholarships to deserving youths in the Dallas area. She continues, “What sets us apart is the fact that we have a passion for what we are doing, we are developing our youth while they are on the green with us. We are leading by example and showing them the importance of giving back to their community. In addition, showing them what “true” success looks like.”

“DC Sports DFW and Diamonds on the Green have formed a partnership as a result to continuously empower and mentor our youth in the Dallas/Fort Worth community. Through this effort and determination, a Youth Golf/Mentoring Program – DC on the Green program has been implemented to teach the youth the sport of golf and valuable life skills. “We look forward to delivering a very valuable partnership in our community with the Diamonds on the Green Team”, according to Jon Thomas, at DC Sports DFW.

About DC Sports DFW

DC Sports is an all-volunteer registered non-profit based in Plano Texas. We operate under AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) within Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. Our mission is to enrich and build character within kids through athletics. DC Sports offers a variety of sports year-round, including some seasonal sports. Levels of play starts at recreational and goes up to Elite. Our coaches all volunteer and believe in giving back to the communities they serve. Our coaches, great parents and kids are the reason why we have been so successful. We are able to provide the highest level of coaching while keeping dues prices the lowest in the business. We partner with the communities that we serve.

About Diamonds on the Green

Diamonds on the Green is a Minority Ladies’ Golf Club. Our mission is to increase the participation of female golfers and establish a platform that will intrigue and peek the interest of the younger generation. We have established relationships with school Athletic Directors to assist with promoting and introducing the game of golf. In addition to golf, we give back to our communities through Mentoring Programs, supporting several different charities, i.e. MS, Lupus, NAMI Walks, as well as assisted and volunteered for the Emmitt & Pat Smith Charities, just to name a few.

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