DC Sports Track & Field
DC Sports

Our Mission

Our program is designed to aid in equipping students of all ages with the skill sets needed for excellence as they develop to become tomorrow's leaders. The goal of DC Sports Track & Field is to provide a well-rounded athletic experience that includes the challenge of competition, teamwork, and the motivation to excel. Our organization promotes a strong spirit of family while building a commitment to community involvement. We participate in TAAF, USATF, and AAU events.

The 4D Philosophy: Desire + Dedication + Determination = Dominance

The Philosophy explained:
If you have the DESIRE to compete…
If you maintain DEDICATION to the work…
If you are DETERMEINED to do your best in all things…
You will have DOMINATION over any challenge…on the track or in life!

A little history…

Originally begun as a church sponsored youth outreach program under the name North Dallas Christian Athletic Association, the team has been in existence for over 17 years and caters to youth from the ages of 5 – 18 years of age. During this time, the team name was shortened to North Dallas Athletic Association, or NDAA, once the team became an independent entity. Children involved in the program are predominantly located in the areas of North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Garland and Rowlett. MANY SCHOOLS…ONE TRACK FAMILY

In September of 2019, NDAA agreed to become a part of DC Sports as they sought to expand their sports offering into track & Field. Although we have a new name, we still strive to provide both physical and mental development for tomorrows leaders, with a strong spirit of family and a commitment to community involvement.

Our primary practice location is on the campus of Parish Episcopal School of Dallas, where several of our coaches volunteer or work part-time as youth athletic coaches during the school year. Many of our coaches have competed and/or coached at the high school and collegiate level, as well as taken several hours of youth sports coaching certification. One of our coaches is also a registered nurse who provides her expertise and advice in the treatment of mild to moderate sports injuries. Several participants in our program have gone on to receive full collegiate scholarships, some of whom have graduated and come back to participate as a volunteer or coach in the program.

About DC Sports Track Practices

“This is not school track…”

Every year as we welcome new people into our program, the first question we ask these athletes is about their workouts at school. The answers vary from “easy” to “pretty hard”. Either answer gets the same response from our coaches. Our workouts are progressively challenging, helping the athlete, no matter their experience or skill level, vastly improve. We make one promise to all of our athletes: They will be better the last day than the first day they stepped on our track. WE TRAIN LIKE CHAMPIONS!